Feel Secure with M. Fried Store Fixtures

There are signs that the economy is improving, which means more customer traffic for you. But, we are also still deep in the midst of an economic downturn, which means that shoplifting remains a serious concern. In both cases, you might want to consider your store’s security and take a look at what M. Fried Store Fixtures has to offer to keep you and your customers—and your merchandise—safe.

For instance, consider our Security Mirrors, which come in a variety of coverage areas, from 12-feet to 38 feet and in a number of mirror sizes from 12 to 36 inches in diameter or, if you prefer, in two- by two-foot or two- by four-foot panels. Typically hung from ceilings, these mirrors provide panoramic views that enable maximum visibility for excellent perimeter monitoring. Choose from convex, half done, corner dome, or circular options.

We also have a full array of Cameras from multi-camera systems with multiple scene, single monitor viewing; color Sony cameras; up to 420 lines of resolution; 50-foot infrared ranges; DVR drives; and motion detection, sensor activation, or continuous feed to realistic, simulated cameras with flashing lights. Whichever option you choose, remember that these devices are a proven theft deterrence.

We also offer Entry Alerts that let you know when doors open and that are light sensitive and motion activated, sensing up to 15 feet. No wiring is needed and an AC Adaptor can be purchased separately. These are great for entry ways where customers are entering and exiting and enable you to keep an eye on your shop without hovering around doorways.

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