Folding Displays – Space Savers, Easy Storage & Easy to Move

Folding displays won’t break your back whenever you want to move it, and don’t take a lot of room in storage when you’re not using it.  At we have a selection of foldable display tables.

Advantages & Uses of Foldable Displays:

  • Great for stores, trade shows, yard sales, farmers markets, flea markets, etc.
  • Can be used as permanent displays or as temporary promotional displays and be brought out again whenever needed.
  • Easy, space saving storage.
  • Easy to transport and set up quickly.

e-z-folding-promotional-tables-whiteThe E-Z Folding Promotional Table:

  • Has “guard rails” to prevent items from slipping off the table. They protect your merchandise. If the items don’t fall on the floor and get stepped on, they will stay intact, clean and sellable.
  • Folds to only 6” thick, making it easy to store, while taking up little space.
  • Ideal for sidewalk sales.
  • Comes in three selections: black, chrome or white
  • Table surface is 27” high

folding-display-tableFolding Display Table:

  • This one is a popular for displaying folded clothes. The multi-layered shelves allow items to be organized and displayed in different sizes, colors, etc.
  • Rolls for easy transportation. (Great to change positions at the store and in storage).
  • The heavy duty shelves can hold up to 200lbs!
  • Folds for easy storage.

lightweight-dump-tableLight Weight Dump Table:

  • These are perfect for the smaller items and very popular to display the random clearance items in.
  • Very light weight, making it easy to set up, move and take down.

See our selection of lightweight, foldable display tables.

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