Gear Up With Carts

Are you prepared for the holidays? While we cannot help ensure you have sufficient stock to make it through the heaviest shopping season of the year, M. Fried Store Fixtures can help you ensure your stock is inviting and that you have adequate packaging and shopping accessories.

For instance, how is your shopping cart supply? We offer Compact Shopping Carts (Item SC1737), which come with heavy-duty handle construction for exceptional handling. The base is made from one continuous length of heavy-duty steel tubing, which affords incredible strength and gives a nicer, well-finished appearance. The Large Shopping Cart (Item SC2638) features a child safety belt.

Our Rolling Plastic Hand Baskets (Item PS84) enable your customers to easily shop with comfort, and the baskets come in an array of colors to match your store’s theme.

Shopping Baskets are a necessity in any store and you never want your customers shop without one. Our Regular Shopping Baskets (Item P105) are perfect for convenience stores and smaller shops and are constructed of super strong plastic with heavy-duty wire handles. These comfortable baskets are also available in a wide range of color choices. Call us, toll-free, at 1.800.544.2999 for help in choosing the perfect color and color combinations for your store.

If you prefer a larger basket, our Jumbo Shopping Baskets (Item P106) might be the answer to your store’s needs. The larger the basket, the larger the amount of products brought to the cash register and this basket is strong and comfortable enough for your customers to do jumbo-sized shopping. These baskets also come in a variety of colors.

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