Get Creative with 3-D Slatwall

Earlier this week, we discussed a variety of unique slatwall paneling choices that enable you to expand your creative options when updating or designing your retail, tradeshow, commercial, spa, or restaurant space. With design options only limited to your imagination, at M. Fried Store Fixtures you can choose from a number of three-dimensional slatwall panels in various choices within our bamboo, brick, wood, and foil lines.

While all of these choices work well in a broad spectrum of spaces and themes, we have even more for you to consider. Today, we will be discussing some other three-dimensional options that provide an element of texture while increasing space and providing easy-to-assemble, eye-catching displays.

Our Heavy Metal/Grey 3-D Slatwall choice (Item HMG48W) and Heavy Metal/Rust 3-D Slatwall (Item HMR48W) both offer bold design choices that make a strong, firm statement in your space. Once you decide on Heavy Metal—which makes a clean statement in restaurants, bars, spas, and salons, but also adds a level of visual interest to tech displays, trade shows, and home product sales, to name just some—all you need to do is choose your color theme.

Another bold choice is our Liquid Metal/Bronze 3-D Slatwall (LMBZ48W) and Liquid Metal/Chrome 3-D Slatwall (LMCH48W). Both of these slatwall panels are strong design picks that offer either the warmth of bronze or the coolness of chrome, depending on your design and creative sense and your space’s need. And, because all of our slatwall elements work with one another, why not consider mixing and matching these design elements to increase interest and enhance your space?

You could also consider mixing it up with our exciting Leaves line that provides a gently textured panel option in a variety of colors to suit your needs: Leaves/Autumn 3-D Slatwall (LVA48W), Leaves/Brush Green 3-D Slatwall (LVBG48W), Leaves/Bronze 3-D Slatwall (Item LVBZ48W), Leaves/Pearl White 3-D Slatwall (ItemLVPW48W), and Leaves/Silver Green 3-D Slatwall (Item LVSG48W). These panels provide the depth of texturing that is both dimensional and smooth. And, with palette options that range from pearly white to green to bronze, you can expand your display options and your store’s sense of design and aesthetics.

Our three-dimensional slatwall panels also come in a neutral Slate/Natural 3-D Slatwall (Item SLN48W) and Slate/White 3-D Slatwall (Item SLW48W), which work very well in any display and with any design in which you want a more traditional look with a sense of dimension.

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