Get Hooked on Slatwall Accessories

A conversation about slatwall accessories would not be complete without discussing Slat Hooks. If you have slatwall in your store or are thinking about outfitting your store with slatwall, then M. Fried Store Fixtures has all the slatwall and slatwall accessories you need you need to create an outstanding store display.

Slat Hooks are a key accessory needed to display merchandise on slatwall panels and merchandisers and we have a variety of choices from which to select to complete your store’s display. For instance, Slatwall Hooks (Item P019) are peg hooks that you would use to hang products and are meant for smaller goods, such as items sold in blister packs. Likewise, our durable Slat Upturn Hook (Item JI40102)—a hooked peg with an upturn type hook that sits high on the peg—and Slat J-Hook (Item K01825)—a peg with a j-hook that rests lower on the peg—can hold light to medium items and items on hangers, and work well when placed throughout your display.

Slatwall Picture Hooks (Item P020) are meant to hold one garment on a hanger or, due to their recessed construction, hanging products such as frames, photographs and other two-dimensional pieces of art. These hooks can handle light to medium objects.

Flip Scan Slatwall Hooks (Item P225) have a variety of uses, such as for hanging clothing, accessories, and packaged items. Space them out to create a comfortable and eye-catching display.

Flip Scan Label Holders (P511) accepts paper or adhesive labels and enable you to let your customers know critical information about your products and pricing. As an added benefit, you can flip up the holder to restock or remove stock whenever necessary.

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