Get Noticed. Stay Noticed

Getting noticed is what will help you achieve high margin sales in today’s tricky economic environment. The key is to make your brand stand out among all the others in your selling sector; to understand how to effectively compete for and capture customer attention. Retail displays that  work with your products and offer clean lines and inviting spaces can help you show off your products in ways that resonate with your customers, keeping their attention on your products.

Because most purchases are made at the point of sale—that is, in the store itself and not via catalogs, the telephone, or the Internet—it is critical that your shop be in the best position possible for displaying merchandise effectively and efficiently. You neither want sparse displays nor crowded floors, but should strive, instead, for displays that present as many items as possible without clutter or crowding.

Look also for displays that can be placed at or near checkout areas for those last-minute, impulse purchases that do add up over time. For instance, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer an array of bins that work well in these locations. Also, stand-alone merchandisers placed near check-out areas also work well for prompting last-minute purchases.

As we’ve mentioned before, take inventory of your stock; consider your needs, the needs of your store, and the needs of your customers; and then consider the types of retail fixtures available to you so that you can better create the most successful retail space possible. Browse our online store for ideas and be sure to check out our gallery of pictures to see how M. Fried Store Fixtures’ retail solutions work in real stores just like yours.

And, remember, we are available to help you through the process and to get you started on creating the store of your dreams: 1.877.544.2999

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