Get Your Message Across with Slatwall Literature Displays

By now, you’re probably aware that slatwall makes a wonderful display option, is incredibly versatile, and presents a reasonable choice for any type of store. You probably also know that at M. Fried Store Fixtures, you will find just about any type of statwall setups imaginable, including slatwall accessories, and that you will have a team of knowledgeable, courteous staff ready and able to assist you in setting up your new store or renovating your existing store.

No matter what you sell, you probably have in-store literature and marketing documents that you would like to share with your customers. We offer a variety of Slat Literature Holders that enable you to display all sorts of brochures, magazines, surveys, and flyers, including our Slatwall Plexi Literature Holders (Item P234). If you prefer wire over plexiglass, you might want to consider our Slatwall Adjustable Wire Literature Holders (Item P235) which come with the added benefit of being constructed as a two-piece adjustable set that adjusts to hold literature of any width.

Our Slatwall Wire Brochure Holders (Item P236) are great for maps, schedules, and any other brochure-type publication. We also offer two Slatwall Wire Literature Holders (Items P237 and P238) which hold traditional letter-sized (8 ½-by 11 inches) literature and the Slatwall Adjustable Literature Holder (Item SWMG8), which is not only adjustable, but is also constructed with a comfortable forward facing slope that enables easier access to your store and product literature.

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