Gondola Shelving Can Help Drive Store Traffic

With the seasons readying for change across the country, many stores are looking to examine inventory and take stock of what is for sale, what needs to be replaced, and what can go into storage. This is the perfect time to examine store fixtures and make some decisions on changing display options to better serve existing and drive in potential customers. At M. Fried Store Fixtures we have every imaginable fixture at our disposal to better help you find sales success.

We have been writing about our recently implemented enhanced gondola quote system. Now is the perfect time to look around your shop, see what you might need, and contact us for a quote—all at no cost to you.

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers a huge array of gondola shelving options with countless accessories to show off any product or product line from food to clothing to china, to electronics, to name just some. For instance, M. Fried Store Fixtures sells two-sided gondola units, gondola wall units, and gondola end cap units.

Our two-sided gondola units come in large array of sizes by length, height, and base, which enables you to create the perfect shelving component set-up to suit your store’s—and your customers—unique needs. Each unit comes in a starter or add-on option as well, further expanding your options.

And, when looking at any gondola page, you can easily request a quote at the prompt at the bottom of the page, view the item in our catalog, or ask a product question—all with the click of a button.

Remember, you can always feel secure when shopping with M. Fried Store Fixtures. We have been selling and installing gondolas since 1990 and we are the largest stocking distributor of gondolas in the Northeast.

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