Gondola Shelving is About More Than Just Shelves

We have discussed the benefits of gondola shelving at M. Fried Store Fixtures, but did you know that gondola shelving is really about more than just shelves.

And, while we are proud of a staff comprised of the foremost experts in gondola shelving, we offer a variety of accessories designed to help you to get the most out of your gondola displays.

We offer Gondola Shelves (Item P081) that enable you to take advantage of three positions: Straight horizontal and 15- and 30-degree downslants, all of which expand your display options and help you display virtually any type of product. These shelves are constructed welded to brackets, are offered in a universal Antique White finish, and come with standard ¼-inch price tag molding. The finish goes great with any décor, the construction adds to their durability and reduces setup time and the price tag molding helps you to be up and selling in virtually no time.

Gondola Shelf Dividers are constructed with an attractive chrome finish and can be used not only as shelf dividers, but also to better secure items. Gondola Shelf Front Facing (Item P109) fits in the front of your shelving and is constructed with a chrome finish. These accessories work to keep and segregate items shelves, while enabling customers to see your products within the facings. These are especially effective with smaller items, and documentation you would like to display upright. Gondola Shelf Retainers (P518) are one-inch in height and also enable you to keep merchandise on your shelving without obstructing the view to your merchandise

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