Gondola Shelving Works Everywhere

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have the perfect gondola shelving to outfit your entire store. In addition to a huge assortment from which to choose, we are very proud of our gondola shelving experts and of being the largest distributor of gondolas on the east coast.

We always have gondola shelving in stock, so whether you own an individual shop or many stores, and whether you are opening your first store or renovating one of many, we always have what you need to ensure you are ahead of your competition with the best display options possible. What’s more, we offer countless color, size, material, style, and accessory options. Whether you prefer something edgy, traditional, modern, or functional, we have everything you need. Figuring out what works for your store is as simple as clicking a button (contact us online at our Gondola Quote Page) or dialing the phone—speak to one of us, toll-free, at 1.877.544.2999.

Browse our gallery of photographs to see how this versatile and practically indispensable store shelving can work for you by seeing how it has worked for other store owners like yourself? On the M. Fried Store Fixtures homepage, click on the “view our photo gallery.”

You will be brought to a page that will provide three choices: View Gallery by Store Type, View Gallery by Fixture Type, or View Our Installation Gallery. The best way to see the many ways in which gondola shelving can work for you can be accessed when you click on View Gallery by Fixture Type. Once there, on the top row of options, you will find a choice for “Gondola Shelving.” Click on that choice to see scores of photographs showing gondola shelving in use and in various stages of installation.

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