Gondola Shelving Works Great Alone and with Slatwall

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, you can choose from our huge array of gondola shelving in an many shapes, heights and depths, and colors to enhance your walls, display floors, or windows. Our gondola shelving is cost-effective, sturdy and our attractive designs are meant to work together to ensure customer visibility and interest, which can lead to increased sales.

Be sure to take a look at our gallery of photographs when you are ready to outfit your new store or enhance your existing store to see how gondola shelving can work for you. Here is one example of how M. Fried Store Fixtures’ gondola shelving was used to display home appliances and products. As you can see, the storeowner has plenty of room to store stock with end pieces that enable specific displays that provide customers a clear view of key products. This theme can easily work for just about any product line.

Here, gondola shelving is used to effectively showcase and store a number of toys and children’s products. And, if you notice in the rear of this photograph, the storeowner has successfully mixed our slatwall and gondola shelving to make an especially versatile display.

And, here, you can see how a storeowner has taken full advantage of the benefits of gondola shelving to neatly display a large amount of different types of grocery products.

As you can see from this small sampling, gondola shelving works well alone, with our other display products, and for any type of merchandise. Stay tuned for more examples of how our gondola shelving can work for you.

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