Gondola Shelving Works With Everything

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a great combination: Our new gallery of pictures combined with our gondola shelving. We do have many, many photographs of our massive array of gondola shelving and gondola accessory products, which you have always been able to view when you look in the products section of the site. But, for even more ideas and for a first-hand view on what installed gondola shelving looks like in real stores, just like yours, why not take a few moments to relax in our gallery and check out the various configurations.

Here is an example of a how a toy storeowner has installed and utilized gondola shelving. You can see how the shelving enables you to place a great deal of merchandise neatly and in a small space, all while maintaining good customer accessibility to your products. Notice how shelves are set in different height configurations to accommodate packaging of varying sizes so that everything collaborates in an unobtrusive manner. You can do the same in your store, regardless of your product line specialty.

Here, you can see slatwall paneling and gondola shelving in advance of products being stored. Wall mount uprights are also in place for additional storage and shelving options, which can be easily moved and has been installed to enable display of products in different height capacities, again showing how versatile all of these products are. You can see another example, here, as a wide variety of candy products are in the process of being stored in a unique display that utilizes gondola shelving and a colorful slatwall.

Be sure to take a tour of our gallery while considering your store’s needs. We’re sure our pictures will spark your imagination.

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