How We Got Listed In Google Business Photos

Google launched their In Store View (currently called google business photo) some time last year. There was some big buzz around the product being that it was new and innovative and no one was doing it. Towards the end of last year we noticed that more and more stores were getting their stores photographed and put on their google maps profile page. This seemed pretty interesting to us, but we did not know how to go about getting in.

After we completed our recent showcase video, we decided to look into making a video of showroom so that our customers can have a virtual tour of our showroom. We decided to do some more research and we came accross google’s official business photos page. Google has a getting started page, and from there the process was a breeze we were amazed as to how fast we got our showroom/store photographed and added to our google business listing.

Being that we are in brookly, we reached out to one of the two Trusted Photographers that are in New York. You need to check if there are any Trusted Photographers in your area. You need to go throught a trusted photographer since they are the ones that upload the pictures to googles software which maps your store / showroom.

Once you select a photographer to work with the photographer will give you a fair price for the photo shoot. According to Google theentire photo shoot should take about an hour, ours was close to two hour. Our showroom happens to be on two floors but currently google only supports one floor their technology won’t go up/down floors. In addition to photographing the showroom for the virtual tour the photographer also takes 15 still images which get uploaded to our listing in google.

We used Anthony Caccamo from Black Paw Photo, we scheduled our photo shoot for early Monday morning on Presidents Day. Its best to do it during daylight hours and we picked a holiday to do to shoot so that there were less people in the showroom at the time. Google will block out faces that are picked up by the software. The next day Anthony emailed me letting me know that we were live on google.

We highly recommend that you get on this program. It does not cost much, it ads value and gives your customers the ability to see your store virtually.

Here is our store.

Just a note. When embedding the virtual tour of your store/showroom you can pick the point and view that you want the tour to start from.

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