Grab Your Customers Attention With Your Displays

Your point of purchase customer is critical to sales and your bottom line. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have the products to help engage your customers at the very important point of purchase—your store.

For instance, the Point of Purchase Association International (POPAI), which describes itself as “the global association for marketing at retail,” is an entity considered an expert in the field of retail marketing and points out that recent trending indicates that there is growing interest on in-store purchases. With this in mind, you might want to consider getting your customers’ attention in your shop with creative displays and internal marketing.

Yesterday we discussed signage as a way in which to advertise to customers while they are in your store, which is a great way to augment other marketing steps you have taken. But, did you know that items on your top and middle shelves have more draw than lower level shelves when customers are browsing? With this in mind, be sure to place your key products on the top and middle shelves of your gondola shelving, slatwall, and merchandisers.

If you want to bring focus to an item, display it in a showcase. If you are looking to sell off a large quantity of an item, create a separate display in a merchandiser that is placed near the cash register.

Remember, use one of our sign options and draw even more attention to your sale. Place a sign outside—use one of our changeable sign choices—and let foot traffic know about the benefits of shopping at your store.

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