Grid Merchandisers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

We’ve been talking about the benefits of grid merchandisers and introduced you to a few options last week. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer a number of attractive, durable, and convenient merchandiser options that enhance and increase your space while working well with any of your display choices.

Choose a couple of one style or mix and match a few different merchandisers and spread them out around your floor and window space. Because of their airy grid design, they give the appearance of increased space. Because you are working with a number of surfaces in one unit, you are, in fact, immediately increasing your space.

Our Grid Triangle Merchandisers (Item P032) are delivered with three two-foot by six-foot grid panels, nine connector clips, and one triangle base on casters for a unique, triangular merchandiser that helps to increase interest among your displays. This merchandiser offers three display surfaces and can be placed in smaller areas to instantly increase display surfaces. These triangular towers work as well in the middle of your display store as they do in unused corners and more limited spaces.

Grid Pinwheel Merchandisers (Item P033) come with four two-foot by four-foot grid panels, eight connector clips, and one pinwheel base. These merchandisers provide a lot of extra display space in a smaller package by enabling you to display on both shelves and hangers. This is a great option when you are looking to promote a specific product line, for instance, hats and jackets, sneakers and tee shirts, pocketbooks and skirts. Hang some items, display others folded and take advantage of the visually appealing levels that your customers will experience with this merchandiser.

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