Gridwall Creates Space

Are you opening or renovating a store or enhancing a space in your shop? Or, do you have a new line, a line on sale, or a line that needs a facelift? If so, consider M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Gridwall.

Gridwall is a great display option that creates an airy feeling of space while durably handling whatever your products. And, with our Gridwall Panels, Slatgrid Panels, and Grid Merchandisers, your options are nearly limitless. We have everything you need to create unique displays than better enable you to move merchandise, drive in customer traffic, and increase sales. And, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also offer all the hardware, shelving, and brackets needed to create your gridwall displays as well as baskets, faceouts, waterfalls, hooks, and hangrails

With our grid displayers and accessories, you can display anything from literature to garment models. What’s more, our Gridwall Panels are constructed of heavy duty ¼-inch diameter wire with vertical, reinforced sides. Panels can be mounted on walls or standards or attached to grid legs or bases for standalone displays. If you prefer, augment Gridwall displays with a merchandiser to increase visual interest and your display space. Choose from a selection of Grid Merchandisers and display several throughout your store.

Display the bulk of your stock on gridwall shelving and use a merchandiser to highlight key items with baskets and waterfalls, hooks and hangrails. Center a merchandiser in a nook created by shelving, using baskets, waterfalls, hooks, and hangrails on your ends. In this way, your customers can see an enormous display of stock in a compact space.

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