Gridwall is Everywhere Because it Works

Today, storeowners throw so much at customers that it’s hard to maintain customer attention and to keep them focused on your products. But, with M. Fried Store Fixtures, you’ll be sure to create attractive, elegant, meaningful displays that are durable and, in many cases, can be easily moved to accommodate changing trends, product lines, and shopping seasons.

Gridwall is a wonderful example of how you can move displays and use a vast array of accessories to capture and maintain customer attention. And, the longer you can hold a customer’s interest, the likelier that customer will shop with you and return to shop in your store time and time again.

Gridwall is an accessible, affordable way in which to display products. And, it’s so popular that you have likely seen it used at tradeshows, clothing stores, galleries, boutiques, mall kiosks, even auto parts stores, gift shops, electronic stores, book stores, toy stores, shoe stores and stores that focus on sports and athletics. Gridwall really works anywhere and can be used to compliment other displays.

And with seemingly infinite combinations, your options are limitless. Mix and match panels, choose from our wide range of accessories and create wall displays and moveable floor displays. Hang products on hooks or waterfalls, place items on shelves, display literature. What’s more, we have all the support arms, brackets, clips, bases, and legs to create many different types of displays. We also have merchandisers so that you can display complete units and show off specific products, product lines, and sale or closeout items.

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