Gridwall Merchandisers Create Increased Space

Grid merchandisers are mobile, attractive, and functional and can be used as stand-alone displayers or in collaboration with gridwall panel displays. And, with M. Fried Store Fixtures’ huge array of gridwall products, you have an enormous assortment of accessories at your disposal to improve your visual merchandising and sales. Our gridwall displays enable you to showcase your merchandise, bringing attention to your premium merchandise, highlighting its value and beauty.

We offer a number of merchandisers, which work well with any display and easily accept all of our gridwall accessories so that you can create unique displays in your store’s showroom floors and windows.

The Grid “Z” Units (Item P027) comes with three two-foot by six-food grid panels and six connector clips that create a “Z” display space that can be placed virtually anywhere to create an interesting display space that your customers can easily browse on both sides. The Freestanding Grid Merchandiser (Item P028) comes with five two-foot by six-foot grid panels and 12 connector clips and can be set up in an accordion-style display for even more customer interest and increased display surface.

The Grid Gondola Merchandisers (Item P029) offers a slightly shorter display but is constructed with shelving on a grid merchandiser. This unit comes complete with four two-foot by four-foot grid panels, six connector clips, and one gondola-style base with levelers. This is a great addition to a gondola or grid space, offering the stability of gondola and the space generating benefits of gridwall. This unit really offers the best of everything.

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