Guide Your Customers with Signs

The holidays are here and in a few short days, they will be over. Have you considered how you will advertise for your after-holiday, New Year’s sales? Let M. Fried Store Fixtures help you with our wide range of signs and banners. And, make sure you’re prepared with packaging products and store supplies.

Not sure what you need? Let us help you. We’re only a phone call away, toll-free, at 1.877.544.2999.

Choose from changeable signs, marker boards, banners and posters, weather durable poly pennants, and window signs, to name just some. Consider purchasing a few advertising solutions: Stream pennants outside your store to announce your presence to customers before they enter your store.

Use bulletin sign holders and led and neon signs to make impact statements and be sure to use window signs as the last message before customers enter your shop. Once inside, you can display countertop signs; card, slatwall, and gridwall signs; and shelf signs.

Be sure that you have sufficient shopping carts and baskets, lighting, and packaging to enable a smooth and comfortable shopping experience for new and established customers alike. The more comfortable shoppers are, the likelier they will be to return.

Be sure to communicate with your customers throughout their shopping experience and, as they are leaving, supply them with parting documentation from well-placed literature holders where you can display brochures and flyers.

Remember to communicate to customers and potential customers before they enter your store and guide them, discreetly, through the process. In doing so, you give your customers a wonderful shopping experience that will keep them coming back time and time again.

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