Hang it All Up with Us

Do you sell apparel? If so, M. Fried Store Fixtures has everything you need to display your products in the best light possible. We have rack and systems, a huge array of hangers, and a wide selection of mannequins and forms from which to choose.

We offer hangers specifically for the small, delicate items meant for babies and children and shirt, lingerie, dress, and coats hangers. For example, shirt hangers come in a variety of colors, for regular and even super weight items, and in a variety of sizes. Our coat hangers are constructed with longer hooks and can hold very heavy outerwear items.

Hangers for slacks are constructed in a convenient drape style and our knitware hangers ensure items don’t slip and also work very well for lingerie and fine fabric delicate items. Suit hangers are specifically made to manage two-piece items. We even offer diaper pin rods.

Flat suit and coat hangers are also available in choices of wood—walnut/brass, walnut/chrome, natural/chrome—and make a handsome edition when you want to make a lasting impression when displaying fine clothing. Choose from fixed, padded, locking, and notched bars; top, combination, nonslip, grip, coordinate, extra-long drop, clip, curved, and heavy duty, are other options, to name just some.

Choose from a selection of colors, quantities, and styles, including cushion clip hangers that offer extra protection for your apparel items and even versions with swivel hooks for added convenience and display options.

In quantities that range from boxes of 100 to 500, it’s easy to always have plenty of hangers on hand.

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