Hat, Cap & Helmet Displays

You may have already noticed that the presentation of your items hugely affect the success of your business. For example, not only can cluttered counter tops and tables feel overwhelming and uncomfortable to your customers, but they may not be able to see your products. That’s where wall displays come in handy.

If you’re in the business of selling hats, caps or helmets, then you’ll want to consider the Hat, Cap and Helmet Displays we offer at Mfried.com.

Benefits of Hat, Cap and Helmet Displays:

  • Saves Counter and Table Space
  • Gives an attractive, uncluttered, organized way to display items
  • Comes in different colors to match your decor
  • Volume discount

Take a look at what we have to offer and see what works best for you…

gridwall-single-hat-displayGridwall Single Hat Displays
• Comes in Black, Chrome or White
• 7″ deep x 6″ high.
• 3″ diameter ring on top

gridwall-multiple-cap-displaysGridwall Multiple Cap Displays
• Black, Chrome or White
• All wire unit offers full view of caps with easy access for customers.
• Hooks securely onto grid.
• 8-1/2″ wide x 14″ deep.

slatwall-single-hat-displaySlatwall Single Hat Displays
• Comes in Black, Chrome or white
• 7″ deep x 6″ high.
• 3″ diameter ring on top

sltwall-single-hat-display-with-bike-helmetSlatwall Single Hat Displays (great for bike helmets)
• Comes in Black or White

Slatwall Single Cap Display
• Black or white

Other Recommended Products:

foam-pad-for-single-hat-displaysFoam Pads For Single Hat Displays
• Prevent the tilting and slipping of the hats and helmets by using The Foam Pads For Single Hat Displays. The foam grips the hats and helmets, keeping them sitting straight. Comes in charcoal gray.

Need some Slatwall or Gridwall to display your items? Click here to see the options we offer at Mfried.com.

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