Have You Seen Our Acrylic Showcases?

We’ve long been discussing the benefits of acrylic and M. Fried Store Fixtures has a number of products in this cost-efficient, versatile material that work well in any retail environment.

For instance, our Countertop Acrylic Showcase (Item D1468) works great for jewelry and other valuables as well as cosmetics, electronics, and smaller items that are best displayed in a locked environment. This showcase includes two shelves and locking sliding glass doors. At 13 inches in width, 7 ½ inches in depth, and 21 inches in height, this showcase can fit virtually anywhere on your display floor.

The Large Security Case with Rotating Shelves (Item JHXW22) offers four 11-inch diameter shelves, which includes a base shelf; shelves are spaced 4 ½ inches apart. This particular case is constructed with a rotating display and locking security. A hand-turning knob on the top of this case enables “all-around” viewing of displayed merchandise.

This line also offers two hexagonal cases. Locking Hexagonal Cases are created with no (SKU JHX20), one (SKU JHX21), and two (SKU JHX22) shelves; cases have single-panel locking doors. The cases are 18 inches in height, 9 ½  inches in width, and 8 ¼ inches in depth.

The Locking Hexagonal Cases with Rotating Bases are also offered with no (SKU JHX20R), one (SKU JHX21R), and two (SKU JHX22R) shelves, and are constructed with single-panel locking doors with the same dimension as the Locking Hexagonal Cases, but with a rotating ¾-inch base that allows customers to see objects from many angles.

The 2-Sided Rotating Showcase (Item TH1106) is constructed with a case that rotates 360 degrees for complete viewing. This case is constructed with four, removable angled shelves. Shelves are 13 inches wide with 3 ¾-inch display space on each side. The unit is 17 ½ inches high by 13 ½ inches wide by 7 inches deep and has a locking swing door on its side.

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