How Retail Stores are Changing

The retail industry has undergone an extraordinary number of transformations over the course of the past couple decades. Some changes have been tough, like adapting to the advent of E-commerce alongside the rise of retail giants like Walmart. However, other changes have benefited boutique shops. For example, many consumers are now looking to “go local” with their shopping and support businesses in their own communities. Meanwhile, technological advances have been allowing retailers to provide their patrons with an innovative shopping experience. Have you seen (or used) the new Square registers? Though they are not perfect for cash transactions, they do enable many small business owners to process credit cards through a mobile register so that customers can check out anywhere in the store.

While many aspects of the retail trade may be in flux, there are still some things that just have not changed – like the necessity of utilizing appealing displays. Tried and true options like gondola shelving and slatwall panels are still in style and likely to stay, as their versatility and convenience is only matched by their ability to create attractive showcases for merchandise. Moreover, while social media and email may allow you to connect in new ways with your shoppers, nothing can take the place of good old-fashioned customer service. The warmth and understanding that you show your customers are sure to be echoed in your sales for years to come.

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