How to Increase Foot Traffic in Brick and Mortar Retail Stores in 2019

As online sales continue to grow in popularity, many retail store owners are wondering how to keep increasing foot traffic to their brick and mortar stores in 2019.

The good news is, you can use combinations of both online and traditional methods to get more people coming into your store. Here are 6 ways that have proven to be effective for all kinds of retail stores:

1. Add curbside appeal

You want passersby to feel invited and tempted to enter your store.

First, make sure you stay on top of regular maintenance, such as sweeping your entrance and cleaning your windows daily and investing in a good paint job every couple of years. If passersby feel a sense of freshness and cleanliness, they will be more likely to enter with an openness to check out more of what you have to offer.

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, it’s time to get creative. How can you go beyond typical window displays to get people to stop and pay attention? Sometimes something as simple as a sandwich board with a witty or inspiring message can spark immediate engagement. Is there something small you can offer for sale or a courtesy your customers would appreciate, like designated bike racks?

2. Make sure your employees are energetic, active, and positive

From the moment a potential customer enters your store, you want them to feel engaged with what you have to offer. The actions and energy of your employees can have a major effect on customer experiences.

Generally speaking, potential customers will react more positively if the staff seems active and welcoming. If your employees seem bored with too little to do or overwhelmed with too much going on, that can be an immediate turnoff for a potential customer just entering your space.

Putting extra effort into employee training may be worthwhile for your brick and mortar store. With all the online competition, a store that offers outstanding in-person customer service creates a reason for your customers to keep coming back into the store.

3. Claim your business on Google

Although you may have a brick and mortar store, in this day and age you also need an online presence.

Most shoppers will search on Google to find the best stores near to them. If you haven’t already, make sure to claim your free business listing on Google and edit your information so potential customers know what you offer, where you are, and when you are open. You may even want to add videos or post and reply to customer reviews to increase engagement.

4. Let customers buy online and pick-up in-store

Another way to take advantage of the increasing popularity of online shopping is to offer customers the ability to buy online and pick up in store.

Many customers will appreciate knowing that what they’re looking for is in stock and can be purchased easily from the comfort of their homes or phones and then be able to rush over and collect their purchase right away.

Not only does it bring more people into the store and create more store activity, but many of those customers may also then end up buying additional items once they enter your store to pick up their purchases.

display cases for retail stores

5. Focus on customer loyalty

Increasing foot traffic to your brick and mortar store is not just about finding new customers, what’s often even more important is making sure your previous customers will return.

What can you do to encourage customer loyalty? Can you offer promotions that encourage existing customers to come again and/or bring along friends and family? How can you get involved with the local community so that your store becomes part of the fabric of daily life for the people who live around you?

6. Create an engaging store layout

One important way to make sure customers have a positive experience when they shop in your store and feel inclined to want to return is to make the shopping experience itself easy and engaging.

When was the last time you assessed your current floor plan? Are there ways you can create a more appealing and efficient layout so that you’re maximizing the space you have available and converting traffic into customers? The right fixtures and design elements can help encourage customers to buy and to want to return to buy again.

While online shopping may be a growing trend, there is still plenty of business that is better done in person.

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