Ideas For Displaying Fall/Winter Items

fashion-handsWith fall and winter seasons sneaking up on us it’s time to start displaying fall and winter apparel. has a variety of display options to choose from. They make it simple to display your winter gear including hats, socks, scarfs, ski masks, ski goggles, etc .

display-headsFor example fashion hands (a.k.a. Mannequin hands) can be used to display winter gloves and mittens.  Display heads are great for winter hats, ski goggles and masks, and in some cases (depending on the display head) scarfs.

Hosiery forms (feet and lower legs) can be used to display things like slippers, moccasins, winter socks, etc.

hosiery-formsFull sized mannequins are great to display these items too, but when you have the smaller mannequin body parts they can be displayed in many places (ie. counters, shelves, tables, etc.). You can move them around with very little effort,  and easily store them.

These “mannequin parts” are especially popular during the winter holiday season. During the holidays there are many places you need to display products. These include: specialty boutiques in the malls, winter expos, tradeshows and holiday craft fairs.

Click here to see the many options.

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