Increase Foot Traffic and Increase Sales

Having the right display for your products can have a significant impact on your sales efforts. Many experts feel it is how a product is displayed that determines if it will or will not be sold. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have all the displays you need to keep foot traffic in and shopping and products selling.

You want your customers to feel comfortable in your store, which will help to put them in the mood to browse and shop, and continue to shop. Also, informed customers will be able to broaden their shopping experience, so be sure that your signs are effective, eye-catching, and contain the details your customers need to purchase with confidence.

Messy, confused displays can hamper sales. Consider gondola shelving for in-store stock and displays that enable customers to see all your store has to offer. And, to discourage sticky fingers—an issue of significant concern in the current economically challenging climate—take a look at all of the security options we have to offer, from counterfeit currency detector pens to video surveillance systems, and everything in between.

Brand recognition also goes a long way toward increasing sales, so be sure that special products and higher-priced items are displayed in ways that drive attention, such as showcases and towers.

By the way, brand recognition, helps customers feel more comfortable and secure in their purchase decisions which, of course, helps improve bottom lines. Experts say that much of shopping is unconscious and emotional, that customers shop longer in stores where they feel comfortable, positive, and informed and are likelier to browse longer and shop more.

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