It’s All in the Packaging

You are probably well stocked with products, especially now that the big holiday rush is over, but did you know that at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have a couple of different types of gift certificate options?

For those customers who cannot decide what to purchase for a gift or for returns that require in-store crediting, consider a gift certificate. Ours are carbonless and two-part and are also nonnumbered—you indicate your own numbering system to ensure appropriate tracking with the receipt’s store copy. These certificates also do not contain printing so that you can include your store’s stamp and individualize them as you need them. This is especially helpful if you run more than one store and use different company numbers.

We offer Sante Fe (Item D856B2NP) and Embassy (D857B2NP0119) Gift Certificates and both come with coordinating envelopes. It couldn’t be easier!

For customers who are buying gifts and do know what they want, be sure you have sufficient packaging on hand. We offer a variety of gift boxes, including jewelry boxes for smaller items, and tissue paper. And, be sure to take a look at the array of plastic shopping and thank you bags as well as bag racks and paper shopping bags.

If your products are bulkier, we also offer convenient tape handles in handy bulk amounts of 400 (Item SS0110), as well as paid stickers (Item PR0118) in boxes of 1000. And for added packaging security, we offer general purpose tape (Item 47501) and tape guns (Item 47500).

No matter what you sell, we can help you sell it better with our packaging and certificate supplies.

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