Jewelry Display Brings New Customers

I recently saw that Target overhauled their jewelry department. All of the jewelry was displayed behind locked cases. I had never asked to see any of it before — which means I never bought. Now they’ve brought out their jewelry to the countertop. I walked by, saw the display and today I’m wearing a new pair of earrings.

When you can see products and they are in your line of vision, it’s much more likely you’ll stop to look. If you look, chances are better that you’ll also buy. Just walking by the attractive displays made me stop to look closer. I didn’t have to find someone to help me either (to unlock a case).  That’s why it’s important to display jewelry upright on counter tops. You also need a mirror so people can see what your jewelry looks like on them. Again, if people actually try on your product, chances are better they will buy.

If your retail store includes jewelry you should look at our jewerly displays. We have different models including bracelet and watch displays, necklace displays, earring displays, mirrors and more.

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