Jewelry Showcases that Bring More to Your Store

Apparently popping the question in Tiffany’s & Co.’s Las Vegas area stores has become all the rage. Needless to say, hosting engagements is great for business. Couples will forever recount the story of where the proposal took place, giving your shop wonderful publicity, and other beaus may be inspired to put a ring on it in a similar fashion. Moreover, if your customers view your establishment as the setting for momentous life events, they will feel an increased sense of loyalty to your business. So what can you do to encourage an atmosphere like this at your store?

One element that can set a jewelry boutique apart is having a private back room for couples to try on jewelry for engagements and anniversaries. However, this may not be an option at your store. Instead, you can work creatively with the space you have. Make the store design inviting so that customers enjoy being at your store, perhaps with furniture or carpeting. Some interested parties may wish to display their proposal itself in one of your jewelry showcases alongside the ring, or in a window display, on the day that they plan to pop the question. Advertising that your store welcomes special plans like this can also help make your shop a place where engagements happen.

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