Keep it Fresh

When you take stock of your inventory, as every successful shop owner does with regularity throughout the year, remember to always keep your store fixtures in mind. In the same way that you review your product lines, considering what items to buy, what items to discontinue, and what items to put up for sale, consider what store fixtures worked best for you in the past and what will work for you in the future. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have what you need to maintain a successful store that compels shoppers to return to over and over again.

Use our vast array of signs and banners; consider neon or LED signage. If you have never used these before, you will enjoy how well they work. Lighted signs are an easy, affordable way in which to capture customer interest and drive in foot traffic from passersby. We also offer bulletin signs and countertop signs to add to your in-store and street advertising.

In addition to other methods of advertising you might consider, use in-store advertising with M. Fried Store Fixtures’ sign products to draw attention to your store and to your products. Announce sales, highlight specific products and product lines, let customers know about what is coming and what’s being discontinued.

Use signs outside and inside of your shop during any season to get your store noticed and bring in increased shopping traffic. Shopping traffic leads to buying customers, which leads to increased profits.

Renewing your signs by changing signs around, changing messages, and changing the types of signs you use, all help to refresh your space and keep the interest in your store going strong.

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