Keep Your Products Within Arm’s Reach

Spring is coming and, at M. Fried Store Fixtures, we want you to be ready for your new inventory and increased customer traffic with everything you need to keep your store stocked, safe, and filled with shoppers.

Store supplies are one of those shopping experience items that go unnoticed when they are present in sufficient quantities, but which can create a negative impression when they are missing. For instance, did you know that at M. Fried Store Fixtures we offer rolling plastic hand baskets and jumbo and regular-sized shopping baskets in an array of lively colors that automatically keep consumers interested and aware. For your shop, we also offer signs and stands that keep your store looking neat and organized.

For larger items and increased customer ease of shopping, we also offer shopping carts in three convenient and popular sizes: Large chrome, compact gray, and mid-size gray.

A largely stocked shop is a wonderful thing to any consumer, but there is nothing worse that not being able to reach that one, special item that is in eyeshot, but too far up or far back to touch. Be on hand to help your customers with reachers and grabbers for any job.

M. Fried Store Fixtures has conveniently priced and sturdy reachers and grabbers in several lengths and materials, including a 36-60-inch aluminum reaching rod, a 54-inch chrome and wood hanger retriever, a 62-inch reach grabber, and a 36-inch E-Z reacher.

And, as is generally the case, the more you buy of any item at M. Fried Store Fixtures, the lower the final cost to you.

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