Know Your Customers and They Will Know Your Brand

M. Fried Store Fixture displays help stores more attractively and effectively display products, which always helps increase profits. Showcases, the specific display solutions we’ve been discussing recently, are a great way in which to display any number of items.

For instance, this store is configured with showcases for both mobile telephones and accessories, which you can see on the left, as well as watches, which are displayed on the right. And, if you look to the right on this shot, you will see tower showcases, which work beautifully with the other showcase and displayer configurations.

Retail displays can significantly increase sales and, according to current research from Point of Purchase Agency International (POPAI), most buying customers make purchase choices at the time of—the point of—purchase and most purchases have to do with retail displays. We have everything you need to create appealing, creative, effective, and powerful displays. You can learn what you need to know about creating high-impact displays that help drive and continue to drive sales here, at M. Fried Store Fixtures. Read our blog, browse our newsletter, peruse our catalog, and talk to us at 1.877.544.2999.

For example, keep a consistent brand by using uniform displays and signage across product lines in your store and by using similar branding externally. This tip also works very well if you sell in a number of stores or you own more than one store. Also, be sure to know your customers. Display what they want. Understand what they like and what they expect from you and use your custom retail display designs to attract your targeted customer demographic. By doing these simple things, you will be able to influence how your customers see your brand.

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