Let it All Hang Out with M. Fried Store Fixtures

Although M. Fried Store Fixtures has an enviable and vast selection of hangers for skirts, blouses and shirts, suits, coats, and other apparel options, we also offer a variety of hanger accessories.

Do you sell socks, stockings, leg warmers? If so, you’ll find our sock hangers indispensable. How about scarves? Our scarf rings work great as a display item when showcasing scarves and can also be used to simply hang scarves for selling.

Tie clips, belt hook hangers, and our hang-a-pair shoe hangers work great for, well, ties, belts, and shoes. The shoe hangers are also a great alternative for slippers, sneakers, and boots, too.

If you have odd-sized or unusual stock that needs hanging, consider our squeeze clips, which come in black and white. Our swivel clips come in black and white as well as in a two-inch and four-inch option. And, our world famous hang-all clips, which also come in black or white, are packaged in a cost-effective 100 clips per bag. Any of these choices work for an unlimited choice of retail options.

For instance, use any of these clips to hang bags or tea towels. Pet shops can use these clips for leashes, collars, treat bags, and toys. Arrange the clips and display flip-flops in the summer; hang holiday ornaments in the winter, packaged food items any time of year, and costume jewelry to make a statement.

And, because many of our items sell for reduced prices when increased quantities are purchased, buy more than one and save!

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