Let M. Fried Store Fixtures Help You with Packaging this Holiday Season

The holidays are here and with them increased sales and traffic. Why not ensure each and every one of your customers feels special this holiday season by helping them out with convenient packaging options such as gift and jewelry boxes, packaging accessories, and tape guns. You will help make gift-wrapping that much easier during these busy times and will provide that extra touch to customers who are really feeling the strain during this ongoing economic downturn.

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we offer an array of gift boxes and jewelry boxes as well as packaging supplies and accessories, such as colorful tissue paper options. We can also supply you with garment covers to add that special packaging touch to apparel. We offer convenient, cost-effective garment covers in poly garment rolls that go a long way for high-volume sales as well as shoulder covers, transportation bags, and vinyl zipper bags to protect those special, more high-end items. For instance, bell bottomed bags are great for gowns, zippered gown bags are perfect for bridal dresses, and zippered garment bags work well for suits, coats, dresses, and other apparel.

Remember to keep plenty of basic packaging stock on hand with plastic shopping bags in a variety of colors and handle options; traditional “thank you” bags in a broad array of designs, sizes, and densities; and sturdy paper shopping bags in assorted sizes. Bag racks are also available to ensure a smooth and convenient checkout experience for your customers.

M. Fried Store Fixtures also offers gift boxes in traditional, white, two-piece and one-piece configurations and an elegant, silver, two-piece design.

If you’re looking for jewelry boxes, check out our cotton-filled, two-piece boxes; our faux-leather, hinged boxes; and our beautiful black velvet hinged boxes rimmed in an attractive, eye-catching gold tone. We also offer paper-wrapped jewelry boxes in a classic hatbox style.

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we are here to help you help your customers through the holiday shopping season.

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