Let M. Fried Store Fixtures Help You with Store Security this Holiday Seaso

We’ve been talking about maintaining store security, introducing you to mirrors, lighting, and surveillance systems. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also offer light-sensitive, motion-activated entry alerts with a 15-foot range that work on door entrance and exits. Keep track of who’s coming in and out of your store this busy shopping season with this self-standing or wall-mounted device. Our alert operates with either four AA batteries or our inexpensive AC adapter.

Fitting room checks helps you keep monitor the garments went into the fitting room and are offered in a variety of designs in convenient 10-packs. And, our currency control offerings include a conveniently-sized credit card terminal stacker that works with the Verifphone system; a digital counter and coin sorter that can sort over 300 coins per minute; and a very affordable counterfeit detector pen that, with one line, can tell you if a bill is genuine or fake.

We also offer a hard tag system that creates a locking device that is nearly impossible remove without the durable hard tag tabletop detacher and that works great on all sorts of apparel items. The entire hard tag security package offers up to 10-feet of protection with a 4.6 MHz transreceiver; 500 compatible, 4.6 MHz hard tags; and a tag detacher and base plate.

For items in which hard tagging is impossible—video tapes, food, health and beauty items, books, china and kitchen items—M. Fried Store Fixtures offers a pressure sensitive label system with either blank or bar-coded security labels that is used in conjunction with a label deactivator that enables quick transactions. The entire package provides up to four feet of protection and includes an 8.2 MHz unit; a roll of 2,000 8.2 MHz bar-code labels; and a deactivator, deactivator pad, and base plate.

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