Let M. Fried Store Fixtures Help Your Jewelry Shine this Holiday Season

What better time to highlight jewelry than during the December holiday season. M. Fried Store Fixtures has all sorts of displayers to show off your baubles, presenting them in the best way possible to help gain increased and repeat sales and traffic.

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have one of the largest selections of jewelry displayers, so much so that it will take a few blogs to cover them all. For instance, we offer versatile, economically priced, and self-standing fashion hands that beautifully display rings, bracelets, watches, even gloves. Buy a few and set them up in a variety of locations throughout your store. Our beautiful black and white polystyrene display hands make a high fashion, high-impact statement and are great for displaying longer pieces, such as necklaces or scarves and work well when set up in groupings with the self-standing hands.

M. Fried Store Fixtures also offers an array of black velvet jewelry t-bars to display rings, bracelets, even earrings, key chains, and other smaller items against a beautiful background that shows off a shine. Our white leatherette double and triple t-bars display darker pieces wonderfully. Mix and match white leatherette with dark pieces and black velvet with white pieces and see how a small change creates increased interest and sales.

Our black velvet 15-hook chain easel does a superb job of showing off a variety of necklaces or bracelets in one place. You can really showcase a theme with this simple easel, reaching a variety of tastes in one small location.

Take a look at our black velvet double oval bar, perfect for larger pieces; our white leatherette and black velvet watch stands and half-moons, and our white leatherette bracelet ramp, which all work well with bracelets and watches.

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