Let Us Inspire You

Experts will tell you to get your design inspiration by browsing the Internet and locating retail displays that resonate with you. They will suggest that you use these designs as a starting point to your display. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we can do you one better.

Take a look at our Gallery of Photographs for some ideas on how our fixtures will work in your store. We offer a growing array of pictures that enable you to see fixtures by Store Type, Fixture Type, and Installation Gallery.

If Store Type works best for you, simply click on the type of store closest to what you have—we offer Apparel, Pharmacy, Jewelry, Discount, Book and Judaica, Silver, Gifts, Men’s Clothing, Candy, and Supermarket. We also offer Health Food, even a Hosiery section, Linen, Music, Optical, Toys, Department Stores, Liquor Stores, Variety and General, Hat, and Home Improvement. If your store specialty isn’t here, find one that’s similar and check back often. We are always adding new categories and new photographs. And, check the other store photographs for design ideas while you’re there. Just because your store’s specialty is not yet up, that doesn’t mean you won’t draw ideas from the ideas of others before you.

With our extensive industry experience and our respected commitment to customer service, you can confidently shop knowing that we are here to help you. Remember, we are always just a telephone call away. You can reach our product sales specialists at 718.624.2999 and our new store planning specialists, toll-free, at 800.996.0019.

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