Light Up Your Best Products

If you sell jewelry, small technological and electronic items, accessories, antiques, objects d’art, they all work wonderfully in M. Fried Store Fixtures’ showcases. Essentially, any item that you sell that either needs to be locked and secured or those items that display better under glass, for example, are perfect candidates for showcase displays.

By using the most appropriate retail display, positioned in the best way possible in your store, you can easily influence buying behavior and increase sales. Eye-catching displays positioned effectively and filled creatively, will help keep your customers’ eyes on your merchandise, which helps increase sales, drive traffic, and bring in new and repeat customers.

With the holiday season fast approaching, consider twinkle lights in and around your glass showcases, which helps give the appearance of expanded space draws attention back to your goods. After-all, getting your products noticed is always critical to increasing your sales.

Even if you sell larger items or items that work better on the display store for increased customer access—craft items, for instance—there are likely accessories that work best in showcases, such as glass knitting needles, small paper punches, more expensive yarns made with crystals and silk. Book stores could use showcases to display antique books that would be damaged with a lot of touching and movement. Opticians could display more expensive eyeglass frames.

At M. Fried Store Fixtures, you will find a wide assortment of showcases in a variety of shapes and designs that you can configure to best suit your product and display needs. Whether you sell china, knick-knacks, rare items, picture frames, ceramic or crystal gifts, trophies, or sports memorabilia, showcases are a wonderful way in which to display what you sell.

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