Light Your Way

The lighting offered at M. Fried Store Fixtures, a flexible gooseneck Clamp-On Light Fixture (Item P470), can easily be adjusted to point your customers to specific products, product lines, signage, and areas that might have been long overlooked on your display floor.

Durable, easy to install and operate, and an effective lighting method, our clamp-on fixtures operate with a switch and are attached by a clip that opens wide for easy movement. Scatter several and move them around easily and quickly to drive interest to various areas in your shop and to highlight signage for close-outs, sales, new items, and coming attractions.

These lights can also be used at your registers to bring attention to last minute purchase displays and to provide increased illumination for your staff. Studies suggest that task lighting helps to increase productivity and that poor lighting can lead to eyestrain. Never let your employees worry about the discomfort of inadequate lighting again and provide your customers with clear visual access to your products.

If you have darkened areas within your store, a light can not only draw attention to hidden areas and products, but lighting can also deflect theft and help to add to your store’s security measures. And, if you create window displays in your store, imagine how much more of an impact these lights will be there.

With its flexible gooseneck, you have increased control of your lighting. Whether you are lighting your customers’ path to products or you are helping your staff see better while they work, consider this handy, economically-priced fixture.

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