Lights Help Get Your Message Across

Don’t forget to take a look at our Open Neon Look-A-Like Sign with its large eight-inch letters and raised red trim. The nice aspect of this sign option is that you can use it as a fixed or flashing sign. And, M. Fried Store Fixtures offers many more sign options to help you with your retail operation.

For instance, our Open Two-Mode LED Sign option offers—as it is titled—two modes of operations and static and scrolling underline. This sign is offered in a generous 24 inches in width, 12 inches in height, and is 1.5 inches in depth.

If you prefer a flashier, more attention-grabbing sign, try our Open LED Flashing Sign with its ultra-bright LEDs that enable passing traffic to see that you are open for operation. This sign is wonderful for driving customers in because it is visible even in the brightest of sunlight. Also, this sign is a little different than our other open signs in that it is oval in size, and is really is such a basic necessity for any business needing to let customers know it is ready for business.

Another of our neon offerings is the Open Diner Neon Sign, which is great for any food business and is a large 18 inches wide by 10 inches high and comes in a sturdy 3 1/8-inches in depth.

If you want color and an eye-catching alternative, why not try our Open Outdoor Banner printed on eight-mil. poly that is always developed with four-color processing. This sign is great because you can hang this banner—using its five-inch hanging ties—across a sidewalk for optimum impact. Its construction enables it to handle the outdoor elements and its bright coloring and positioning possibilities enable customers to see your shop from a distance.

To really get your “we are open” message out there, consider our Abierto LED Remote Control Sign with a massive 15 color and six adjustable speed options. This sign can be personalized and has a seemingly infinite combination of display patterns. The beauty of this sign is that all of its programming functions are managed from a compact radio remote that you control.

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