Literature Displays for Magazines and Post Cards

If you have a business that includes literature of any type, you need to display it in a way that people will notice. Literature that is laying flat on a counter or table is often missed. People simply cannot see your product.  But if you have something to elevate magazines or products and bring them to eye level, people will be able to quickly view your selections.


These models don’t just display items for sale but are ideal for doctor’s offices or waiting rooms. It’s much tidier than a putting magazines in a basket or laying them on a table. There is one like this in the gym I go to.

Which display rack should you choose?

The larger floor model display rack is ideal for holding larger items. It can hold brochures, books, stickers, photo paper packets, magazines, tabloids, newspapers, or information sheets.  These displays are lightweight and easy to move around and will help keep merchandise organized and protect product.

spinner-literatureIf you have a larger selection of smaller lighter weight items, choose a spinning floor display model. The one pictured is perfect for post cards, greeting cards and brochures. With this display, customers or clients can quickly browse through a larger variety of products.

We’ll cover some of the many other options available in future articles. In the meantime, see our selection of literature displays.

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