M. Fried Can Focus Your Displays

When considering retail display solutions for your store, or stores, remember to consider your store’s theme. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we have everything you need to get your store’s message across, whether you are a first-time store owner and opening up shop for the very first time or you are adding to a line of stores or renovating an existing store.

Think about the materials that are best suited to your store—we have virtually everything—as well as what products you are looking to emphasize and your customer base. Wood is traditional, warm, and can easily deliver a message of  comfort and elegance. Acrylic is much stronger than it appears and works well in just about any store, but does give a contemporary look with its clean lines and transparent nature. Peg board, slatwall, and gridwall all work great when you have a lot of products to display and all offer different feels.

Our glass cube displays can lend either a modern or traditional look and are easily rearranged and moved around your store, as needed.

And, our gondola shelving options—far too many to mention—can be used in collaboration with other displays and can be finished in a wide variety of ways to coordinate with modern, traditional, even edgier looks. The choice is always yours.

Remember, too, showcases add appeal and can be used for special, high-end products and mannequins help to draw attention to specific apparel lines and items. If clothing is your store’s focus, we have scores of hangers and clothing hanging options from which to choose.

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