M. Fried Store Fixtures Helping You Keep An Eye Out

We’ve been talking about maintaining store security and last week’s blog post discussed mirrors and lighting. This week, we’d like to tell you what M. Fried Store Fixtures has to offer you in the way of security surveillance systems.

No shop owner wants to believe that theft occurs or that customers are stealing, but the truth is, people steal and, often, the problem stems from our favorite customers. Given the combination of the intense holiday shopping experience we are in and the economic downturn we have been facing, the environment is ripe for theft.

Last week we talked about how well placed lights and mirrors could both open up your space and light up hidden areas. Now, how about some equipment to deter theft and enable you to see what is going on in real time? Monitor doors, cash registers, stockrooms, and selling floor areas. M. Fried Store Fixtures offers a large selection of surveillance and camera systems to suit any store’s needs, regardless of size or specialty.

For instance, M. Fried Store Fixtures offers video surveillance kits complete with mounting hardware, 50-foot cables, and connecters; two, three, or four viewing options; several screen sizes to choose from; and resolution selections. You can also choose infrared surveillance and camera ranges and can also opt for DVR recording, motion detection, sensor activation, or continuous feed, as well as two speed options for 30 or 60 days of recording activity.

If you prefer, M. Fried Store Fixtures offers simulated security cameras in two sizes that can be placed in and outside of your store to give the realistic impression that an innovative security system is in place. Our simulated cameras are offered in two popular sizes; are battery operated to give the illusion of recording activity, with a flashing red LED light; and are well constructed with powder-coated metal housing to enhance their appearance.

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