M. Fried Store Fixtures Helps Put Your Jewelry to Work

Last week we talked about our black velvet and white leatherette jewelry t-bars and oval bars as great ways to highlight jewelry. At M. Fried Store Fixtures, we also offer a huge variety of displayers to showcase all sorts of jewelry, especially necklaces, hats, scarves, and collars.

We offer a black velour female head with a curved neck that beautifully displays shorter, choker and mid-length necklaces on a graceful, 15-inch tall piece that is as elegant as it is feminine, while being sturdy enough to handle chunkier, more robust pieces. We also offer a black velvet unisex display head that works for all sorts of jewelry and neck and head pieces and a white leatherette double necklace easel that enables you to show off two pieces that work well together. Lighter gemstone pieces look beautiful against the black velvet double necklace easel and both options easily increase sales and interest.

Try one or both of our single necklace easels that can accommodate a necklace, necklace grouping, or scarf, showcasing any of these items against an eye-catching black velvet background in a choice of two sizes. If you’d prefer, our black flocked seven necklace chain easel enables you to display up to seven necklaces—even seven anklets during warmer sales weather—against a black velvet background.

The black velvet necklace head form is a cost effective way of displaying necklaces and scarves, as is the black velvet necklace bust on stand and white leatherette or black velvet lay-down necklace busts.

The petite black velvet display form stand is an ingenious way to showcase a variety of pieces in a compact, attractive way, while our abstract head displays draw the eye to higher impact pieces.

Buy a few of each and create attractive groupings that catch your customers’ attention and help to drive traffic and increase your revenue this holiday season and all year long.

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