Make Jewelry Cases Work for You

Matching your shop’s fixtures to your needs is an important part of store design. If you buy the wrong display piece, or set up your store with a display that simply doesn’t work for your needs, then you might as well be throwing money out the window. For many merchants, set-up funds are borrowed, and there’s no room in the budget left to waste. Getting the right showcase for your goods is one way to cut down on costs.
Not only will the right showcase make your goods look attractive, but it will house your stock in a convenient and sensible way.
●      Free standing showcases are great for medium or low value items that can be left out on the floor. Or at a counter that is sometimes unattended. Customers can browse without being held under scrutiny by employees.
●      Upscale showcases  match well with upscale surroundings. A store dealing in fine goods can’t have utilitarian display hardware.
●      Streamline cases are common, and are among the best value.  They’re practical for any hobby or other shop that needs to house a lot of small items or components in plain view of customers.
●      Make the most of space with corner cases. They’ll give you useful storage space.
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