Make Sure Your Products Shine

Jewelry is a huge seller this time of year. Be sure your jewelry is displayed to highlight your precious metals, enamels, gem stones, and all of the other many attractive elements of your jewelry with M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Displays and Racks meant for jewelry. Our Jewelry Displays are second-to-none and really help you show off jewelry in the best light possible, whether you sell fine or costume jewelry.

Our product range is comprised of elegant specialty displays and stands for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We even have displayers for watches and other accessories, in addition to showcase risers and a variety of acrylic jewelry display accessories.

In addition to better enabling your customers see their purchases on their ears, hands, or necks, our Countertop Mirrors are also a wonderful way in which to reflect light, a benefit to any jeweler.

If you prefer a sleek, contemporary look, we have two different black countertop mirrors from which to choose: Our Black Countertop Mirror (Item 14608) is angled for an easy view, while the Rotating Counter Mirror (Item 18041) rotates 360 degrees and also offers tilting at any angle. This mirror is 6.25 inches wide by 12 inches tall.

These mirrors also work if you sell eyeglasses, sunglasses, cosmetics, and other accessories that are worn on the head, neck, upper body, and hands. Purchase several of each and distribute them throughout your countertops to ensure your customers have ample reflective surfaces from which they can view your products and your products in action.

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