Make Your Cubes Work for You

M. Fried Store Fixtures offers beautiful Glass Cube Units that are durable and go with virtually any display style and store theme.

Stack these cubes, place them back-to-back, display them against a wall, you decide. Create a stand-alone display or scatter cubes throughout your shop—mix and match these cubes and change them around to keep your customers’ eyes moving and their interest in your products new. Buy many and use a wall of cubes to separate your space and instill the feeling of several rooms.

And, these cubes can display just about anything. Auto parts, shoes, bags, household goods, toys, books, smaller electrical appliances, accessories for any product line, craft supplies, or linens and towels—the list is only limited by your imagination.

Consider this: Mix cubes with your gondola shelving and slatwall to create interesting displays that can easily be changed to suit your store’s theme, the season, sale periods, and your inventory.

Make your other displays work for you by mixing cube units with your larger gondola shelving and slatwall by placing a couple of cubes on top of your gondola displays or stack a few cubes to the side or on both sides. Scatter a few single cubes or smaller cube groupings around your shop to display key items and draw attention to larger displays.

These cubes are made with safety glass, which can work nicely with a string of lights to create an appealing reflective motif and a quaint, homey feel, especially around the holidays and when sunlight hours are shortening earlier in the day.

Remember to purchase your cubes in kit form so that you can use your Glass Cube Units in many, many choices that you can easily change.

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