Make Your Display Cards Stand Out

We recently told you about the benefits of displaying card signs in your shop, Now, we’d like you to consider M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Card Frames, Stems, and Bases.

Our line of card accessories enable you to place the display cards you want where you want them, further enabling you to maintain a strong internal advertising and marketing plan. And, by adding to your advertising by incorporating well-placed signs in your store, you continue to create customer interest and drive shopping traffic.

Our Threaded Stems (Item P084) and Swedged Stems (Item P085) both come in attractive and versatile chrome and are a sturdy 3/8-inch in diameter. Use these stems with either Our Card Frames with Mitered Corners (Item P086) or our Acrylic Card Holders (Item P482), which both fit ¼-inch and 3/8-inch stems and come in chrome finish.

The Round Bases with Stems (Item P445) offer an affordable base option for lightweight display forms and sign frames and are available in a wide variety of base diameters and stem fittings. Our Round Chrome Bases (Item P471) are also an economic option that are used with our separately sold uprights and are available in an array of base diameters. Any of these options work well with lightweight display forms and sign frames on counters or floors.

Square Display Bases (Item P999) offers you an attractive, stylized option with a raised square base in chrome that fits any deluxe display top or chrome stem. This base comes with a 5/8-inch fitting and a felt bottom that prevents countertop damage.

Chrome Uprights (Item P416) are used with chrome bases to create an attractive display stand and are available in variety of lengths and fittings. Give us a call, toll-free, at 1-877-544-2999 for details and assistance on this and any M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Products.

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