Make Your Mark with Marker Boards from M. Fried Store Fixtures

M. Fried Store Fixtures’ Marker Boards offer you the creativity and freedom to communicate with your customers about a vast array of information from sales, specials, and hours of operation, to name just a few.

Our popular Write-On/Wash-Off Swinger Signs (Item P251) offer a generous sign face that is 24 inches in width and 36 inches in height. The sign is constructed of heavy duty, rustproof, black polyplastic and is internally reinforced with a steel frame.

Our Double Sided Marker Signboards (Item P579) provide a weather-proof option that allows you to write with a set of rain resistant fluorescent markers that are included as part of the set. This signboard is also meant to withstand wind and is constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame that weighs a manageable, but sturdy 27 pounds. What’s nice about this particular signboard is that it also folds flat for convenient storage. The Double Sided Marker Signboard is 24 inches wide by 36 inches high.

Our Fluorescent Neon Markers (Item WO3MARKCLO) includes three eye-catching markers: One each in pink, yellow, and orange. The Wet-Erase Marker set (Item WO4MARK) includes one each of red, blue, green, and one extra-large black marking pen. We also offer Fluorescent Markers (P577) in both a fine and wide tip and Watercolor Markers (Item WCB) that are water soluble with a black wedge tip. Buy one of each and use color to attract customer attention.

These sign and marker sets are a great way for restaurants to display their daily specials, for retail establishments to talk about their specials and sales and to indicate hours—especially if your shop has changing hours. With thee boards, you can tell your customers just about anything. Buy a few and scatter them around for high-impact visibility!

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