Manage Expectations with the Right Display

When thinking about the design or redesign of your retail displays, consider M. Fried Store Fixtures. We offer a very large array of possibilities from gridwall and slatwall to wood tables to acrylic displayers and everything in between.

All of these display options offer their own unique benefits and can be used in any store. When looking to display a lot of products, gondola shelving is the perfect option to ensure that you can display your products without creating clutter, which can confuse your customers and distract from your product lines.

Did you know that stylish retail displays not only increase the perceived value of your products and draw more customers to your products, but that your customers will pay more for products that are displayed well and are situated on well-designed fixtures? Imagine what you can accomplish when displaying high-recognition brand products exclusively—in a showcased tower, for instance—to express their higher value. This is the same notion used when displaying fine jewelry and other higher priced items.

Don’t limit yourself. Regardless of what you sell, if you are looking to increase awareness and sales on a particular item or line, set it apart with an elegant display that helps to express the product’s worth and value. By the way, our Freedom Towers are a great option for creating standout displays at budget pricing.

In this trying economic period, you really do need to show your customers why higher value items are worth their price. With the right fixtures, you can easily set that mood and manage that expectation.

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